Walkeshwar Sri Kashi Math is Branch Math of  Shree Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi {https://www.kashimath.org/}

Walkeshwar Sri Kashi Math is the most auspicious and serene precinct on the earth. For here H.H.Shrimad Madhavendra Tirtha Swamiji, 7th pontiff of Shree Kashi Math Samstan belonging to 5000 years old lineage of Veda Vyas, took Jeevanth Samadhi on 1st August 1775 corresponding to Shravan Shuddha Panchami (manmatha sanvatsara)

Sajeev samadhi is entering vrindavan (sacred tomb) by wilfully stopping to respond to external stimuli by control over the breath and not allowing the gross body to become lifeless or by wilfully dropping the gross body, thereby creating spiritual positive energy force around him by permanently dwelling the mind on parmatma (god), sitting in meditative posture.

Swamiji’s sajeeva vrindavan even to this day radiates enormous spiritual positive energy, creating countless miracles and is like a kalpa-vriksha (desire fulfilling tree for devotees) for his holiness always takes care of the devotees spiritual needs by helping them to overcome their troubles and miseries.

The serenity and divinity of HHs is always profoundly felt here by devotees (Jagruk Sthal)
On one specific occasion, when H H Shrimad Sukratindra Tirtha was camping in Walkeshwar, HHS was on the way to ban-ganga to take bath in the early hours of morning, when HHS saw some tapasvi (Shrimad Madhavendra Tirtha) walking towards the lake with Padukas on. HH heard the receding sound of the padukas and the tapasvi disappear. This was reported by HH to shisha swami H H Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha.

Here is also a vrindavan of H H Shrimad Varadenra Tirtha Swamiji, 18th pontiff of Kashi Math Samstan, who attained mukthi here on 24th june 1914 corresponding to ashad shuddha dwitiya (ananda samvatsara)

And to top it all avatar purush Lord Rama took a brief halt here in treta yuga, when in search of sitamai and we have walu-ke-ishwar and baan- ganga, a tirth kshetra in real sense.

The sanctity and divinity of walkeshwar math has increased many folds for the following reason
1) It was founded by HHS Madhavendra Tirtha swami in 1742, 277 years ago
2) Bhagwan naam saptah was blessed by HHS Sukratindra Swami in 1926, 94 years ago
3) 5 days laghu vishnu havan graced by HHS Sudhindra Tirtha swami in 1974, 46 years ago
4) Every saturday annadaan seva by devotees to devotees initiated by HHS Samyamindra Tirtha swami in 2017, 3 years ago and all these will continue to infinity